04.02.011 Harry's First Day of School Katrina ( 1aPicmonkey)
Katrina Duffell, busy mother of 2 boys & Stampin’ Up! addict!

So what makes me different? I’m all about Keeping it Real…..

For instance, do you want to know what I LOVE the MOST about Stampin’ Up!….??

Shopping Online in my Pj’s (in the evening) with a glass of wine in my hand. 

That’s the honest truth. I mean what could be better than that?!!

Am I right?! Are you nodding your head & thinking “I’m hearing you, Kat”?

If that’s you, you should keep reading; Because by the end of this page there’s a good chance we could be friends 🙂

If that doesn’t sound like you, keep reading anyway,  I’ve made it interesting by keeping it real…

Who am I?

My name is Katrina Duffell. I’m a small business owner, busy mum to two growing boys & a wife to a fabulous man. I work part time in an outside of school hours, child care centre, making cool craft things with the kids.

I’m about to turn the big 4-0 this year, but I’m not freaking out about it….not yet anyway.

I live in the gorgeous harbour side city of Sydney, Australia. And just quitely, I know we absolutely rock those fireworks every New Years Eve, hey!!

I have a pretty normal looking house, in the leafy suburb of North Rocks, which is close to Parramatta & Castle Hill.  If I’m honest it’s sometimes messy. I do live with two teenage boys & my husband isn’t much better at times…what’s with leaving socks & clothes in weird places? I run around like a maniac cleaning it all up before anyone comes over…& I wonder if I will ever learn, that it’s actually ok, if it’s not looking magazine perfect.

I try to limit the effects the aforementioned wine has on my waistline, by going to the local Fernwood gym on a regular basis….(and yes by regular I mean rocking up once a week, lol! If my PT is reading this, I am trying to get there more often).

As a family we try to help out with local community events at the boy’s schools & scout group  & as a family we  volunteer our time to help with the NSW Guide Dogs Puppy Raising Program (they’re soooo cute & squishy).

In among all that craziness, I try to spend time with my family & friends, as much as possible, to let them know I still love them (most of the time…wink wink).

Does that sound sort of familiar? Of course it does….

Because I’m just like you!  I’m time poor, & idea rich.

I need a creative outlet, & I adore making beautiful things…

But I don’t have time to go shopping & casually stroll through aisles looking for just the right things, in just the right shade, of my fave colour.

Stampin’ Up! has solved that problem for me by going online!! Hooray!!

Being able to shop online whenever I want (with a reputable company) & having it delivered to my door is a MASSIVE time saver!

Not only am I saving time by shopping online (in my comfy pants or pj’s)

I’m getting more done, in less time!! I’m serious.

The next BEST THING about using Stampin’ Up! products is that it has streamlined my crafting process. How? Because everything coordinates perfectly. I can pick a few stamp sets, grab some ink & card stock & have a project completed in as little as 5 minutes if I want to….

And packing to go crafting at a friends house or on scrap retreat is now a breeze too 🙂 (Cue gospel sounding Oh Happy Day music).

So if you feel like it’s time to become friends, then I suggest that you take advantage of social media & technology in general, & start following me (not in a stalker, kind of way). I’ve popped all the links you need below, including a button for shopping online…sorry I can’t be there to pour you a glass of wine.

                                               ___facebook-icon ___pinterest-icon

Click here to shop online
Click icon above to shop online 24/7

Once you’ve clicked the links & pressed the “follow,like or subscribe” buttons, stop past my Classes & Events page. I run regular monthly classes from my home, in small groups. They are ideal for beginner & advanced crafters. You can invite a friend along if you’re feeling shy & you might even make a few new ones too.

Don’t forget that if you have any questions about me, or Stampin’ Up! I’m here & happy to answer them.

Much Love, K xo

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Contact Details:

Email: katrina@inkpapergirl.com










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